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about us

We strive to create digital products that make a difference.

We Are SPYDR is a premium digital agency, focused on enhancing your online presence. We utilise the latest technologies and our state of the art system to create award winning products.

At SPYDR we love to take an idea and provide the products to turn it into a reality. Perhaps you are an individual, startup, or business. Regardless of what online footprint you currently have, we provide the technical and creative expertise to allow you to reach your potential.

We Are Spydr

You may require a refresh of your current website, or a brand new one, a new marketing strategy or an increase in online traffic. Whatever your needs, we will work tirelessly to achieve something that everyone is truly proud of. Being proud of your product is imperative to us and we will continue our iterative process until we get there.


We truly believe in our work ethic and commitment to our work! Each project helps an individual further their aims and for that we purpose we are infinitely passionate.


Years of knowledge

Our team has been actively involved in this industry for 18 years. Growing up in the dot.com bubble has given us an intricate understanding of the internet and how to achieve results online.


Projects launched

We've worked on a wide variety of sites and projects across a number of industries. Every single one of our projects as met with overwhelmingly positive responses.

We're glad you asked.

We're incredibly proud of our mindset and morals. We pride ourselves on our tireless work ethic, 'say yes' attitude and the results we achieve. As a company, we approach our own growth in the same way that we approach every other project. In doing so, we are becoming a better, stronger and more efficient company with every new project we take on.

Growing up in the current digital age, we were immersed with the internet, social media and online advertising in a way that no previous generation had ever experienced. We have been forced to learn what works and what doesn't.

Our Clients

Our clients make us who we are. Through our intricate development process, we get to understand a large amount of how our clients businesses function. This personal level of understanding allows us to best portray our client's brand online as we have a more in depth knowledge of their goals.

Whether you aim to increase engagement with your site, boost sales or share a message, we have the tools and ability to do just that. Your new found success is merely a few clicks away.

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