AB Severn Rowing Club

Junior Rowing Club Website

AB Severn Rowing Club is a junior rowing club based in Tewkesbury enjoying wide successes on a National scale. Their members train frequently on their private property and enjoy the full use of a tranquil stretch of the River Severn.

Project Overview

AB Severn Rowing Club required a sophisticated website that gives users information about their junior rowing club. Furthermore, they required a members only section where they can update their members privately about any club issues. Our team also worked to incorporate clever widgets such as a rowing status, river level and weather forecast.

Services Required

Email Campaigns
Social Media
Web Design

Designing AB Severn Rowing Club's Website

In order to best understand the goal of both the company and this project, we spent multiple days at the rowing club. After doing so, our design team came up with the extremely simple menu, with excellent mobile ease of use, and minimalistic design.

"We Are Spydr provided us with the platform to easily communicate messages and manage our club."
Brian Curtis, AB Severn Rowing Club

Building AB Severn Rowing Club's Website

In order to maximise AB Severn's new website it had to be very simple to use whilst also being subtly clever. For example, incorporated into the weather page are up to date river levels, a rowing status and weather forecast. Furthermore, our security on the password protected Members Area is extremely secure meaning internal and private messages are protected from prying eyes.

Visit the AB Severn Website to see for yourself!

The end result?

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