Kimera Drone Services

Showcase Kimera Drone Services

Design a site that attracts new clients to KDS's site and publish content from past and current projects.

Project Overview

The great people at Kimera Drone Services realised they needed a stunning, easy to use website - so they got in touch with us!

Services Required

Social Media
Web Design

Designing KDS

The main focus of Kimera Drone Service's website was to showcase a large amount of work they have been doing; in a variety of forms. To accommodate this, we based the design around large full screen images, and embedded videos.

"Spydr delivered the high-quality products we needed to further our business."
Jack, KDS

Building KDS

Building KDS's site was an iterative process. We had our brief and the client wanted to stay involved and we love that! Jack was able to see each stage of our process through the Spydr Hub and gave us feedback on each stage (all of it was good!). This meant that we had cleverly designed specific parts of their site to fit their exact needs.

The end result?

Visit the KDS website to see for yourself :

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