Tom Sproull

Minimalistic Portfolio.

Our CEO wanted a simple portfolio to showcase the projects he is working on at the minute.

Project Overview

This Portfolio was important to Tom as he wanted a central place to showcase his personal work away from just that of Spydr. Having a personal site such as tomsproull.co.uk is great for when people look you up as they immediately have a reliable source of information. It also provides an easy medium for contact.

Services Required

Web Design

Designing Tom's Portfolio

The portfolio needed to be clean in design but with subtle underlying animations to keep the user engaged. Furthermore, the clean off white colour was used to help create the desired minimalistic effect.

"The Spydr team were professional as ever".
Tom Sproull, CEO

Building Tom's Portfolio

The initial building process was relatively quick as it followed a similar layout the whole way through. We chatted with Tom and decided that the subtle off-white/white colour scheme would fit the minimalist design well. After the initial build we started on the fade in animations as well as the rolling numbers in the 'stats' section. This proved more complicated than we initially thought, so we researched and learnt to harness two different programming languages to perfectly create the effect without compromising any aspect of the user's experience.

The end result?

Visit Tom's website to see for yourself

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